Embers Adrift attacks a server memory leak, adds a new dungeon, and gives players some /rope


When you’re stuck somewhere, you would love to have some rope available to you to climb out with. Thanks to the newest update to Embers Adrift, players can now get themselves unstuck with some rope. Or more directly, the /rope command, which works similarly in function to the /stuck command but requires a defensive target to be within three meters of your character and remain there while the command executes. Immersive.

The update post also offers a deeper look at the fix for a server memory leak that was causing zones to close. The problem was attributed to zone executables that caused a bloat in memory footprint the longer they were up, but most of those should be lessened, though the post also reads like work on the problem continues.

Another major piece of the newest update refers to the addition of the Undercroft, a new static dungeon located in the Meadowlands. This new delve is tuned for solo, small group, and large group play for level 26-27 characters. Other updates in the notes include reduced damage for two-chevron mobs, the organization of naming conventions for tea items, and a host of other targeted fixes.

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