Path of Exile outlines announcement plans for its next expansion and shares clips from the Mayhem event


While the month of November is mostly about events, the devs of Path of Exile are preparing to unleash the torrent of news about its next expansion, starting with some general plans about what will be discussed and a rough timeline of when.

The info dump begins early next week as Grinding Gear Games puts out design manifestos related to jewels, curses, a revamp of the Eldritch Altar, and the Archnemesis mechanic, along with a possible fifth post about other changes if its needed. The expansion’s name, launch date, and announcement date is also expected in the next couple of weeks.

In other POE news (and circling back to the subject of events), GGG has put together a selection of Twitch clips from last week’s Mayhem event. There’s still one more weekend of Mayhem left before the Delve event begins on November 14th, so if any of the clips seem like a good time, you can get in on the action yourself.

source: official forums (1, 2)
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