Zenith shows off Legends Untold’s full body tracking tech and pets


What sort of things can you do when full body tracking arrives to the VR MMO Zenith? The devs of the MMO have demonstrated what’s possible in a series of new videos, the first of which isn’t focused on showing off intensive combat or advanced movement; it instead has someone take a nap.

The body-tracking video starts off with our lead player high-fiving a friend, chilling in a tavern, and relaxing on a beach before finally ending on the player taking a nap on a park bench in one of the game’s cities. The whole thing skews on the far sillier side of the feature, but it does showcase how players can use their new legs and feet to interact with the world in new ways, like breaking litter by kicking and stomping.

The second pair of videos focuses on pets and pet catching the the wild critters; we’ve tucked everything below.¬†As players will know, these new features are just one portion of the larger Legends Untold update, which will also add a new starting experience, new dungeons, and minigames like chess when it launches on November 17th.

source: YouTube
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