Arcane Waters launches into access launch today – a full day early


“You know how when you’re excited for something you wish it would come a day sooner? Us too,” the developers of Arcane Waters told players this weekend, and now, instead of launching on the November 15th early access date that Black Mammoth Games had first announced, the team is kicking off that launch a day earlier: Monday, November 14th. That’d be today.

Readers will recall that we’ve been following the development of this charming retro style MMO for a while. The game first hit our coverage in 2021 with its promise of turn-based ground combat, active naval combat, and even some pastoral pursuits like owning a home and tending a farm. The game has gone through a series of playtests and released a demo over the past few months, and we even streamed from those tests a couple of times.

Arcane Waters will cost early access buyers $20, while the blurb on its Steam page promises to add more continents, each of which will feature unique biomes, challenges, and rewards. The devs expect early access to run until at least next year, but note that they will “remain flexible and respond to players’ feedback and development challenges, which might have an impact on [their] timeline.”

sources: press release, Twitter, Steam
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