Fallout 76 makes further changes to battle bots, expeditions, and weapons in the PTS


The public testing of Fallout 76 continues, primarily to refine its December Nuka World on Tour update, but that doesn’t mean the rest of the game isn’t getting adjusted as well, as outlined in the most recent PTS patch notes.

The latest test build has primarily fixed several bugs and issues, including ones related to alpha and beta keycards for battle bots, raider power armor skins, a very specific power armor-related game crash, and the Quick Surgeon perk not engaging on several alcoholic drinks. Notably, the grossly overpowered affixes that had led to players blowing up endgame bosses with a mere sneeze from explosive energy weapons have been removed.

The patch has also forced players into first person view when entering expeditions, and made a number of changes to weapons like raising condition damage melee weapons suffer when blocking, ending the auto-axe attack animation playing twice when jumping and attacking, and the Bow Bar Chainsaw now penetrating armor as intended.

source: official site. Cheers, Vanquesse!
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