Lost Ark accidentally hands out – and then claws back – pheon grants to players


What the heck are pheons? They’re not a retro snack chip from the ’90s; they’re a currency in Lost Ark that lets players purchase things from the auction house. They also generally take some work to get, requiring players to convert blue crystals currency or otherwise get them from login rewards; a cursory search on Google will show how many a guide has been created on how to rake in the pheons.

With that in mind, it’s perhaps easy to see how players are pretty incensed at Amazon Games’ decision to take back some pheons that were accidentally handed out.

Players received in-game mail earlier that talked up the upcoming skill tree transfer system and also attached a bunch of free pheons. However, Amazon announced that these rewards “weren’t intended” and decided to shut down the servers in order to take back the stipend, whether players opened the mails and claimed the items or not.

As mentioned before, the decision has lit several official forums fires and sparked aggravation on Reddit as players bemoan the heavy-handed decision. “DC problems all week? AGS sleep. Give us free shit by accident? EMERGENCY MAINTENANCE ASAP,” summarizes one Redditor’s post.

source: official forums (1, 2, 3,4, 5) via Reddit (1, 2)
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