Star Wars The Old Republic revives the Feast of Prosperity event for November


Last month, Star Wars: The Old Republic released its latest game update, which primarily was all about Galactic Season 3 as one might expect. If it wasn’t enough to entice you back to the game, the devs at BioWare would also like to remind players that the Feast of Prosperity event is live too, and this year has some shiny new rewards on offer.

The actual event itself isn’t new, exactly: Players will still need to ensure a banquet to draw in big money for one of two Hutts goes off without a hitch, while those who took part in the last event will be able to jump right into the daily missions and minigames on offer.

Naturally, it’s all in service to those aforementioned new rewards including a Gourmand’s Favorite weapon set, Duuba and Gaboorga Transport Skiffs, and a Feast Holo-Tray, along with several returning rewards. The feast is on until November 29th, so players who seek those new prizes still have plenty of time yet.

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