Aion Classic is finally launching in Europe next year


Back in September, Gameforge began teasing that Aion Classic, which had already gone live for the NCsoft North American branch of the game back in the middle of 2021, was finally on the way for European players. Now, it’s official, although we don’t have a date beyond “early 2023” and “sometime soon,” the latter of which is definitely my favorite kind of launch window.

“Today, Gameforge […] revealed AION Classic is coming to PC in Europe. In early 2023, players will return to the game’s foundations and relive the war between the Elyos and Asmodians, while also dealing with the ever-present threat of the Balaur lurking at the threshold to the Abyss Gate. When AION Classic launches in Europe, the goal will be to introduce the content of the original AION based directly on version 2.0. In time, Gameforge expects people across Europe to experience the same original adventures and remember exactly why this MMORPG is beloved by millions of players around the world. […] AION Classic is a permanent server which offers all MMORPG lovers a fresh start in the world of Atreia. along with additional balancing and quality-of-life improvements. The European Classic server will start with the 2.0 update.”

Today’s announcement also clarifies that this version of Classic will include content to level 55, Abyss flight, and the Siel’s Aura and Daeva Pass payment features. “Additionally, exclusive content such as the new dungeons or the recently added new classes will also be introduced in Europe with future updates for AION Classic,” Gameforge promises.

Source: Press release, official site
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