EverQuest brings the Feast of Giving around once more

The saddest buffet line of all time.

As of today, EverQuest wants to show you how much it appreciates you. But here’s the real question: Do you appreciate EverQuest right back? You both have to give something. It’s the Feast of Giving, not the Feast of Giving To The Players. No, the game requires a tribute of suffering to give you celebratory awards. If you feel a little uncomfortable about a Thanksgiving event requiring violence to be worthwhile, we have bad news for you about the origins of this holiday.

At any rate, players can join the frogloks, in particular young Zok Glooria, in reaching out to the trolls and ogres of Innothule Swamp. Players will escort her to ensure that the feast is delivered successfully and does not include Zok herself as a menu item. There are also new holiday collections and new Froglok Snacks in the event, which runs from now until November 27th. Feel the joy of giving! Through violence.

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