SMITE launches its RuneScape crossover event with new skins and quests

Breathe, damn it!

You might be inclined to say that all of the new skins characters get in SMITE are aimed at making your character looks much prettier, but the game’s new RuneScape crossover event puts the lie to that. After all, you’re intentionally dressing Cerberus, Merlin, Neith, Bellona, or Vamana in a low-polygon outfit. But you might just be doing so because there are new quests as part of the crossover event that reward you with a variety of capes, and you have to collect all of the available things.

“Wait, capes?” you ask. And yes, capes; they’re special bits of cosmetic customization for RuneScape skins, available in a variety of styles. There’s even the option to make the game look more like RuneScape in text and sound, as well as free quests to earn the cosmetics. Fortunately for players who do not have any particular nostalgic connection to the referenced game, the patch also contains a new Battle Pass and bug fixes, along with plans for a second “bonus” patch later this month.

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