TRAHA Global is available on Steam as a mobile port now

Not Ul'dah! Please don't sue!

If you don’t like playing MMOs on your mobile devices, we can totally understand that. We’ve talked about how sometimes those games have very different design principles that can make them a bit less attractive to the audiences looking for deeper gameplay. But if the main thing is just that you don’t like tapping away on your phone, perhaps you’ll be interested in TRAHA Global, a mobile MMO that has been ported to desktops and is now available on Steam.

The downside is that as with many mobile ports, it does appear TRAHA Global has had its UI rather swiftly ported from mobile and thus it’s… well, not great. On the other hand, it lacks any sort of auto-battle feature so you do actually have to participate in the combat, and it features an assortment of PvP modes if that’s your jam. While it is definitely not one of the biggest titles released this year, it’s free-to-play if you want to check it out.

Source: Steam via Reddit
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