Neverwinter’s latest patch fixes bugs and oversights while making Bards slightly more helpful to NPCs

Yes, it's a bear.

Imagine being a Bard, singing a jaunty tune to help everyone recover some health, and then find yourself staring at allied NPCs around you who steadfastly refuse to be healed by your abilities. Isn’t that frustrating? Good news for Neverwinter Bards, then; the newest patch for the game fixes up this oversight by ensuring that Bard AoE healing will in fact affect NPCs so long as the heals have not hit their limits, although NPC healing will be lower-priority than other player characters.

The latest patch in general is mostly about bug fixes and quality-of-life improvements, including fixing a spiral staircase used in several places throughout the game so that it is no longer offset incorrectly and can be used as intended. Characters who had managed to keep legacy boons due to not logging back in for an extended time will also now have those boons correctly disabled. Check out the full list of changes on the official site.

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