PSA: Guild Wars 2 will host a week of boosts to XP and earnings starting November 22


Are you doing anything major between Tuesday, November 22nd, and Tuesday, November 29th? We’re asking for a Guild Wars 2, as it’s hosting a Black Friday Bonus Bash event that’s granting some boosts to various earnings and reward tracks to players.

Every player who hops into the game between the dates listed above will be earning 50% more XP from all sources, 30% more magic find, and 30% more gains on PvP and WvW reward tracks. As the name of the event suggests, this is tied to a wider Black Friday sale ArenaNet is hosting, which will offer daily sales on in-game items and start selling a complete collection version of the MMORPG that packs in the base game and all of its expansions into one bundle. So whether you’re looking to go shopping or just looking for more in-game earnings, next Tuesday is your big date.

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