Albion Online’s newest armor lets you be Spider-Man or a crazy wizard


With the Beyond the Veil content patch arriving in Albion Online on November 21st, players will enter a brand-new magical realm called the Mists to see what danger and challenges await. For those who survive, Sandbox Interactive promised special gear upgrades in the form of fey armor and pristine enchantments.

Fey armor is created by using rare artifact drops to craft special cloth, leather, and plate armor. On top of powerful stats and combat specializations, each piece adds a unique ability to the character, such as shooting out spider threads, activating mist clouds, or unleashing wild magic.

Additionally, with the updates players will discover “pristine” resources in the Outlands that are extremely rare.

“We’re looking forward to seeing what new interactions and playstyles develop around fey armor, and witnessing tense open-world fights over pristine resources,” Sandbox said.

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