Embracer Q3 2022: Mobile game ads drive revenue with Cryptic MMOs contributing


Before we dive in to the numbers, we’ll remind you that Embracer Group is the company that owns publisher Gearbox Software, which now governs Cryptic and therefore MMOs and multiplayer titles like Neverwinter, Star Trek Online, and Valheim among others. With that context in mind, know that Embracer appears to have had a strong third quarter, mostly fueled by mobile gaming.

Specifically, net sales overall rose by 148%, with mobile gaming rising by 84% and PC/console gaming rising by 52%. Most of the PC and console gaming hit was attributed by the polarizing release of the remade Saints Row game, while other titles like Destroy All Humans 2: Reprobed and Way of the Hunter saw “solid” performance. As alluded to earlier, the lion’s share of revenue is attributed to mobile games, specifically thanks to ad revenue.

Particular attention was cast on “back catalog sales” of MMOs like STO and Neverwinter, along with multiplayer titles Risk of Rain 2 and Deep Rock Galactic, all of which were counted as revenue drivers for the quarter. The arrival of Valheim to Game Pass also helped drive more sales of the survivalbox.

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