Blade & Soul warns against Windwalk Race cheaters and hands out achievement bug recompense


Blade & Soul is only on week two of its Great Windwalk Race and already people are trying to cheat in the activity, forcing the devs to rmove impossible leaderboard times in both weeks one and two and threaten permanent bans against accounts that continue to cheat.

As of right now, those who are found cheating are facing temporary bans, but the latest post from one of the devs states that continued abuse of the race will result in permanent account bans going forward. “We do not take these actions lightly and want to reiterate that if a player continues to abuse the Great Windwalk System, they will permanently lose access to their account,” the post notes.

In other BnS news, an item that was meant to be given to players for completing an achievement is now being handed out. This free item follows a bug from last month that the devs had since fixed.

source: official forums (1, 2)
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