Call of Duty Warzone’s 2.0 update introduces the ability for players to squad up with enemy teams


Battle royale shooters are usually the kind of game where shoot first and ask questions later is the watchword, particularly since it’s a fight to see who comes out on the top of the heap. However, the 2.0 update applied to Call of Duty: Warzone has reportedly made things a little more social and a whole lot more interesting thanks to recently added assimilation modes.

In battle royale matches that feature assimilation, player teams can squad up temporarily with opposing teams in order to survive. The addition of this feature along with proximity voice chat is leading to a lot of intense in-game moments as players try to talk their way into allegiances while wondering if the enemy of their enemy will turn on them. It’s been an intriguing and perhaps unexpected addition to the game’s usual battle royale formula that’s been the source of a variety of moments and a new layer of tension for fans.

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