Albion Online welcomes players into the Mists a day early with Beyond the Veil


Surprising players with an early release (ostensibly to help with server issues), Albion Online’s Beyond the Veil content update went live on Sunday. The drop introduces a new realm called The Mists, which is drenched in magic and offers both PvE and PvP opportunities — along with a whole lot of beautiful scenery eye candy.

“Beyond the Veil brings with it one of the most ambitious developments in Albion’s history: a new realm called the Mists,” the studio said. “This magical region is entered through ephemeral portals in the open world, opened by mysterious creatures called Will o’ Wisps. These portals allow either solo or duo players to enter, depending on their size. Once inside, players can enjoy a variety of PvE and PvP gameplay, without the presence of large, organized groups, and encounter creatures both familiar and new in a magical, untouched setting.”

Beyond the Veil also added a second player island in the Mists, fey armor to collect, pristine resources to harvest, and a revamped Roads of Avalon feature. Quality-of-life improvements including better guild crest creation, guild loadouts, and an improved character selection screen arrived with this patch as well.

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