Fallout 76 devs talk up December’s Nuka-World on Tour update


The circus is in town, and Fallout 76 is calling all clowns (er, wastelanders) to join in the fun. Nuka-World on Tour is coming to the game on December 6th, bringing fun and attractions for those wearing of constantly fighting off apocalyptic threats.

“The roadshow will set up in the fairgrounds near Appalachia’s Ash Heap,” Bethesda said. “There, you’ll be able to partake in three new public events, battle a record-breakingly huge boss and of course, play carnival games complete with high scores and prizes to earn!”

The forthcoming update also activates the “free cam” for C.A.M.P. building and kicks off the Season 11 scoreboard and reward track. Fallout 1st members can experiment with the ammo storage box, which will arrive with the patch as well.

Source: Fallout 76
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