Atlas is wiping official servers tomorrow mid-season with a revamp to server size and count


Atlas players are probably pretty used to wipes by now as the game malingers in early access, but get ready for one more, as Wildcard and Grapeshot announced last night that they’ll be wiping both official PvP and official PvE servers mid-season.

“As most of you are likely aware, our current season has seen some particularly rough waters,” the studios write. “Some unintended features were unfortunately introduced that had an extremely negative impact on the game before they could be disabled. In response to this, we’ve made the difficult decision to wipe both the official PvP and PvE servers to provide everyone with an even playing field. We understand that this is not the direction we all expected this season to go and would like to sincerely apologize to our community as we take measures to improve the ATLAS experience.”

The wipe is currently planned for tomorrow, November 30th, around 10 a.m. EST. When the servers return, they’ll include some experimental features, including a split of PvP servers into 10 smaller servers between NA and EU with a mix of claim types and boosted rates. There will be but one PvE server, hosted in the EU, and it’ll be reduced to a 6×6 grid.

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