New World talks about playstyles and rounds up the Return to Aeternum contest


The big team race held among content creators of New World has since wrapped up, and Amazon Games is taking a moment to summarize the whole affair in team interviews just in case there were people not following along. The post collects some of the remarks from team members as they recount their triumphs, favorite moments, and the greatest challenges they faced as they raced to world firsts on the recently opened fresh start servers.

In other New World news, the devs have started a new video series called Forged in Aeternum, which collects several of the team members to talk about aspects of the game. The premiere episode of the series features devs talking about their favorite playstyles and what they like to try to accomplish in the game, whether it’s following an orderly checklist, chasing an item on the market board to fill a gap in a build, or simply wandering around and going with the flow.

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