Here’s what to expect from Sea of Thieves’ faction PvP-filled Season Eight, launching today


Today is the day when crews in the Sea of Thieves are being given more reasons to turn their cannons on other players’ ships as the faction PvP features of Season Eight arrive. Before then, the devs at Rare provided yet another video, this time taking a closer look at how its matchmade 1v1 PvP works.

The video once again summarizes the basic portions of faction PvP, as well as talks about the design of the underwater waiting lobby-style area that players dive in to when they seek out a faction opponent; explains how the matchmaking factors in ship size, crew size, and skill rating; offers a briefing on how that skill rating is assessed; and confirms that losing crews will be shifted to a different server away from the winning ship.

Those who are looking forward to getting into a seaborne scrap can get all of the details on this new feature in the video below or check out the patch notes.

source: YouTube
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