Tower of Fantasy adds a new area and new challenges with today’s 2.1 update

So spooky.

Who wants to go underground in Tower of Fantasy and explore a dangerous collapsing structure filled with things that want to kill you? What do you mean you don’t want to? Look, the Collapsing Abyss may not sound particularly pleasant, but the important thing is that it has new obstacles and new enemies, and… right, that’s not more compelling. How about new rewards? Yeah, that’s the ticket. Survive everything else and you get new shiny bits to compel you. Nailed it.

This update also adds in a new simulacrum of Lin, the leader of Mirroria (which is the region above the aforementioned Collapsing Abyss) who fights with a unique-looking battle-fan weapon. There’s even a 48-player battle royale mode included with the update. Whether you prefer to engage with this one on desktop or mobile, the game is humming right along with its updates and encourages you to go dive deep underground this time. Mind your step.

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