Valheim’s long-awaited Mistlands update opens up to players on the PTS


The long drought of new content coming to Valheim appears to be nearly at an end. Nine months after developer Iron Gate first unveiled the Mistlands area, it’s finally arriving to players in a playable state… on the public test server, anyway.

To the dev team’s credit, this update does indeed appear to be substantial according to the condensed patch notes, bringing with it a new boss, nine new creatures, over 20 new crafting materials, new crafting stations and crafting station extensions, new food items, over 35 new building and furnishing items, and 25 new pieces of equipment among other things. Obviously, the Mistlands biome will be the primary feature, but there are other new mechanics like the addition of magic spells, friendly NPCs, poultry (yum), and mushroom farming (yum).

Fans who dive into the PTS are being asked to not spoil things for those who want to wait until the update becomes available to the default early access version, and are also being advised that the Mistlands biome will only generate in an unexplored area, so those who have opened up their entire map will need to start fresh. On the subject of spoilers, the wider patch notes contain spoilers as does the video below, so read through or watch those at your own risk.

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