Albion Online ramps up rewards for activities in the Mists


Sure, there’s new stuff to do in the Mists areas of Albion Online, but nobody’s going to care if those things to do aren’t also rewarding. With that in mind, the game’s latest hotfix has made a number of adjustments to what can be earned for doing things in the Mists in order to make it worthwhile.

Overall, players can now expect to find faster respawn times for enemies, tripled treasure chest values, improved might and favor rewards for helping weakened wisps, faster resource charge spawning, and fame received from freeing Caged Wisps, escorting Weakened Wisps, and clearing mob camps applying to equipped gear as intended. The player mount health cap has also been reduced and player loot in the Mists is now protected for the PK’er for a short time.

If you’re among those who think that doing stuff in the Mists wasn’t worth it, perhaps this latest patch will change your mind.

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