Black Desert adds Atoraxxion party matching for PC, announces two different classes for mobile and PC


What’s better than one new class in one MMORPG? Two classes in two different versions, that’s what! That’s one of the major headlines coming out of Black Desert as both the mobile and PC version are getting their own classes at the same time.

As one might expect, there’s not much information about these so-called “twin classes,” but Pearl Abyss has confirmed that the PC version is getting the Woosa and the mobile version is getting the Maegu. In the lore, these two new characters are apparently twins whose paths diverged and have since grown apart, while in-game the Maegu wields what looks like a set of car keys as a weapon and the Woosa wields a fan in battle. Players of either game can take part in pre-registration between now and December to get rewards, while more information is scheduled to be shared during this year’s Calpheon Ball event.

Meanwhile, both versions of the game have gotten their usual expected weekly updates: PC players can now match up for parties for the Atoraxxion dungeon on normal difficulty, take part in events that hand out a freebie box and boosts for seasonal characters, and read up on several class changes; on mobile there’s a new story outfit to collect, changes to Fletcher and Sage, and another round of Play BDM events on tap.

sources: Black Desert PC site (1, 2), Black Desert mobile site
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