Trove’s Reeling in the Stars update revamped fishing and added a star chart progression system


Bored Trove players are in a treat for Thanksgiving, as Gamigo took the opportunity to roll out the Reeling in the Stars update on PC. Essentially, the update adds a new constellation mechanic that allows players to choose their personal constellation and its associated bonuses.

“Trovians have discovered the power of the stars and are now learning how to use this to empower themselves further. There are three primary constellations, all of which have their own special focus, and if you’re lucky, each of these primary constellations may also grant bonuses associated with the other constellations. Trovians will also be met by two new NPCs, the Celestia and the Grand Orrery, both of which can be interacted with for various outcomes. Speaking with the Grand Orrery opens the Star Chart, showing the constellations Trovians can empower using Celestial Spheres and Constellation Keys, whereas the Celestia is seeking the brand-new currency, the Astral Echoes, which can be gathered by completing the world’s dungeons and caves.”

As an extra perk, Gamigo also revamped the fishing system with an eye toward immersion, with new lures and buffs – hence the “reeling” in the patch name. “Trovians can fish without an active lure, of course, but all you’ll reel in are old boots,” the company says. Story of my life. You can check out the patch notes right here.

Source: Official site, press release, patch notes
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