Fortnite plans a blowout finale event to conclude Chapter 3 on December 3


On December 3rd, the fate of Fortnite’s island will be in your hands. No, that does not mean that if you don’t like the game you will be able to just kick back and do nothing while it falls apart. That’s not what “in your hands” means in this context and you knew that. It means that a big event is going to be landing to wrap up Chapter 3 of the game’s ongoing sort-of-story sort-of-events look-just-log-in-for-fear-of-missing-out thing, and it’s going to get pretty crazy.

The Fracture event is a one-time social map in which squads of up to four players can queue in together to experience the special event. Replays will not be available, but players can pick up a marshmallow roasting emote for taking part, so that’s nice. So get ready for the third chapter to end with a bang, and if the one-time-event wasn’t enough to trigger whatever part of your brain governs FOMO, the official announcement has lots of other limited-time stuff to hopefully trip over.

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