EVE Online details new and upcoming improvements to its Photon UI


EVE Online continues to make a whole bunch of noise about its spiffing new Photon UI, with another new dev blog that details changes that have been applied to the UI as a result of player feedback and updates to the UI that are arriving in December.

The post opens with several paragraphs lauding the benefits and reasons for Photon UI’s creation, then goes down a list of improvements that have since been applied thanks to player feedback, including a reskinning of all base components, an updated font style, a compact mode for combat windows, and new color options. The post also notes that 91% of players are using Photon UI after an October update made the window style an opt-out option as opposed to an opt-in one.

As for further improvements for Photon, things like multiple overview windows along with other overview UI updates that are currently in testing, the option to change window margin sizes, transparency controls for the light background, and a more static scroll bar are coming next month.

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