Gamigo silently pulled Aura Kingdom off Steam after months of payment issues


Welp, this can’t be good news for Aura Kingdom. Players are reporting that Aeria Games’ MMORPG has been pulled from Steam by the publisher’s request, and a quick peek at Steam’s new “Notice: Aura Kingdom is no longer available on the Steam store” label confirms that, yes, the title is no longer available on Valve’s platform (although Aura Kingdom 2 still is).

The studio has not posted a public announcement about the closure, and the base game hasn’t gone anywhere (Gamigo just pushed out its Golden Requiem content update this month with a new nightmare dungeon mode and associated rewards). According to a mod on the game’s Discord, the game’s cash-shop purchases stopped working in the Steam client over the summer, and while Gamigo apparently said it would fix it, that never happened. Players began complaining about the Steam version being missing entirely at the top of November, though it’s unclear whether Steam pulled it following complaints or Gamigo decided it wasn’t worth the effort to fix it for a Steam population counting under 100 concurrent players.

Aura Kingdom originally launched under the Aeria Games banner back in 2014; Aeria merged into Gamigo two years later.

Source: Reddit
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