Neverwinter kicks off a new battle pass series on November 29

Interesting architecture.

Would you like to have your progress in Neverwinter tracked as part of an ongoing battle pass requesting you to clear content in exchange for one dopamine per content cleared? Then you’ll be very happy with the upcoming battle pass being added to the game on November 29th, the new Northdark Divided battle pass that players can progress along by clearing random trials, random dungeons, or major heroic encounters in the Northdark Reaches. The best way to handle divisions is with swords, after all.

If you’ve taken part in a prior Neverwinter battle pass, you’ll be familiar with this one; you make progress on a daily basis by completing these tasks, everyone has access to the free track but the more rewarding paid track requires a payment of 2500 Zen (premium currency), you can buy completion along the way if you so desire. Hey, if you were going to be logging in and doing these things on a regular basis anyhow, isn’t it nice to get specifically rewarded for it?

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