Star Wars Galaxies rogue server Empire in Flames kicks off the Taanab Harvest event


Who wouldn’t want to work temporarily for a farming co-op with the looming threat of “escalating danger”? That’s the elevator pitch for the Taanab Harvest event in the Star Wars Galaxies Empire in Flames rogue server. We have fun here, don’t we?

Players can look forward to four weeks of changing phases that offer new missions, loot, and the aforementioned escalating danger as they work for three different co-op owners. Clearing fifteen missiosn for a leader will yield a unique reward once per week on top of harvest coins, though players will only be able to get one such prize from only one of the three owners.

In addition to the Taanab Harvest, this patch adds new artisan-craftable utility items, some bug fixes, a longer cooldown for the /utilize command, and a price raise for the Flash Speeder “due to a galaxy-wide shortage.”

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