WRUP: Black Friday survival guide that would have been really useful to you yesterday edition

  • Don’t bother getting Kathy the blender. She’s going to be thankful and I know it’s on her list, but the fact is that Kathy is going to use it twice, realize she doesn’t know what to do with a blender, box it back up and resell it on eBay with like tons of other people. Just get her another sweatshirt.
  • Mike is a jerk and you just shouldn’t bother getting him any presents. See also: jerk.
  • Your attractive co-worker is not going to be impressed by that new perfume even if it is half-off and you shouldn’t buy it. You should buy that new purse that’s just ten bucks more because it’ll make you happier.
  • Buy a whole bunch of cans of whipped cream and leave them in the back of your supervisor’s car until they explode as a prank.
  • I don’t care if whipped cream is on sale. Buy a whole bunch of cans of it.
  • No, buy more cans of it.
  • You’re going to look like such an idiot tomorrow in What Are You Playing when you aren’t prepared to cream-bomb your supervisor’s car.
  • Now your attractive co-worker is going to go out with Mike. This is all your fault. You always make these mistakes. Good thing you had this guide to warn you!
  • Get dad the spoons so he’ll shut up about them. So what if their depictions of Eleanor Roosevelt are kind of offensive? You can sell them to a cringe blog when he dies in two years.

Bonus question: When you’re out shopping for gifts for others, do you wind up getting gifts for yourself?

Andrew Ross (@dengarsw): I gotta do my exercise games after how bad I fell off the wagon on turkey day (so glad my convention cosplay next week involves sweatpants!), but will be poking Pokemon Violet real hard too. Splatoon 3 will get a little attention too, to prep for Chill season.

I’m sadly the best gift-giver I know, so naturally I get somethings for myself, especially if it leads to discounts. No regrets!

Brianna Royce (@nbrianna, blog): I’m gonna be in Lord of the Rings Online this weekend. I’ve been running my baby Champion around Cardolan and really enjoying the new map, and I’m seriously thinking of availing myself of the big sale to finally buy the mega Gundabad package. Somebody talk me out of it.

I always shop that way to minimize or amortize shipping expenses. I freakin’ hate paying shipping.

Chris Neal (@wolfyseyes, blog): The mapping in Guild Wars 2 will continue until hero point totals improve. The Ninja leveling in Final Fantasy XIV will continue until my skills improve (unlikely as that is). The chase for more money and other progression in Elite: Dangerous will continue until I get bored.

Sometimes I do end up getting a gift for myself when I shop for others, but that self-gift is usually comparatively much smaller. And oftentimes is a food reward.

Eliot Lefebvre (@Eliot_Lefebvre, blog): I’ve accomplished all of my realistic goals in World of Warcraft ahead of actually reviewing the expansion, so while I cannot and should not disregard the possibility of making some ill-advised alts because this is me we’re talking about here, most of my focus will probably be on FFXIV chores and doing some single-player reviewing.

Look, I feel guilty about spending money on myself for doctor’s appointments and medication that I actually need to function as a stable human being for the majority of my day. You want me to spend more money on myself? I thought that living an ascetic lifestyle out of guilt was a mark of virtue.

Sam Kash (@thesamkash): I might get a little MultiVersus in since the new season started a week or so ago. I’m not sure if I’ll make much time for anything else to be fair though. Although, I might scratch that and add some time in Conqueror’s Blade.

Bonus: Well I don’t go out to shop much anymore but as I’m browsing and getting things online I almost always see something for myself as well. Usually I can convince myself to sneak a gift in for me too before going to the cart and checking out.

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