Profane posts November dev roadmap, introduces fans to the cokadrill


No, Profane is still not in a playable state, but it has inched its way closer to something resembling as much if the November roadmap update has anything to say about it. For instance, housing is mostly done bar some testing; gathering is completely done save for adding it into the game; and a protection item for houses is pretty much ready to go. The major changes involve the death system, which now simply sees players drop their stuff on the ground instead of turn into a lootable corpse. The latest roadmap cards outline all of the details.

Meanwhile, the devs at Insane Studio have also itnroduced fans to the cokadrill, a sort of tropical lizard crane that is described as a cunning pack creature with valuable resources for those who manage to take one out. The thread showing off the cokadrill also closes with an info card that summarizes the other animals players will face when they’re in-game. Eventually.

source: Twitter (1, 2)
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