The Cycle Frontier holds an Aurum Harvest event and once more talks about combating cheaters


It’s raining Aurum right now in the PvPvE shooter The Cycle: Frontier, as the game’s latest patch kicked off the Aurum Harvest Festival event that handed out free goodies and 500 Aurum that players can use on anything they want. Incidentally, there are discounts on things in the in-game shop, which is good considering there’s some free cash shop currency burning a hole in people’s pockets, but the free dosh will only be handed out until November 29th.

Meanwhile, the rest of the patch is primarily about nerfing the KOR-47 weapon, reducing the number of players that can roam the Bright Sands instance by one, tweaking early matchmaking values, and fixing several bugs. The devs are also talking about cheating once again in an interview that provides some broad strokes discussion on what Yaeger is doing to attack the problem.

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