Guild Wars 2 adds new challenge mode, new skin collection, and promised profession tweaks


Collecting skins might sound like the plot of a horror thriller, but it’s actually a completely innocent activity in Guild Wars 2, at least in regards to legendary variant skins. We bring this up because today’s latest patch has introduced a new Primordius legendary variant skin collection for players to chase after, which can be started by speaking with Leivas after unlocking an Aurene-based legendary weapon.

The patch also opens up the challenge mode version for the Old Lion’s Court strike mission, with the promise of new rewards available to purchase should players be victorious. Incidentally, there are a couple of fixes to the regular version of the same strike mission that affect boiling aether and phase transitions.

Finally, the (arguably) largest piece of the patch is the arrival of various class profession adjustments that were previewed earlier this month, which tweak a host of different abilities and weapon skills in PvE and WvW. In case you missed out on the previous briefing, all of the updates are now available in the full patch notes.

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