Star Stable’s winter event promises returning activities and new quests


Winter is coming to Jorvik as Star Stable is preparing for the return of its seasonal festivities from Wednesday, December 7th, to Tuesday, January 10th, and it’s bringing along new things and old things.

The wintertime event promises to bring back all of the festivities from events past as well as new quests, new horses, four new races, and a new companion by the name of Snoble the Gnome. Later on in the span of the event, players will be asked to help an NPC by the name of Scott Buttergood with helping find a yeti through a series of quests, and players will be able to get some free daily gifts from the Yule Tree.

“For other activities in the game, players should make sure they’ve stretched and warmed up for the annual Winter Village Race – where they can earn winter tokens,” the studio says. And as it’s the festive season, there will be daily Yule Tree gifts to collect and enjoy too.”

source: press release
Star Stable clarified that this currency will not work the same way the Halloween currency worked. We’ve amended our article accordingly.

“Festival Tokens are a currency we offer in all of our Primary Festivals and will work the same as they did last year, as well as our prior festivals throughout this year. Players can earn these tokens simply by doing the activities we offer during that time and they can then spend them on new items, such as clothing and tack. Halloween also had a token system, completely separate from the Soul Shard system that unlocked event activities. Soul Shards have been phased out and there is no mechanic in Winter to unlock activities using tokens.”

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