Warframe takes a closer look at Voruna, reworked Frames, and other features of the Lua’s Prey update


This Wednesday, November 30th, is introducing the Lua’s Prey update to Warframe, and while players were already given a general rundown of features coming in the patch, this week saw the devs at Digital Extremes get more granular in a livestream ahead of the update’s release.

The stream devoted a lot of time to Voruna, the headliner new Frame coming to the game, with a closer look at the abilities, weapons, cosmetics, and even the sound design of the new character. On the subject of characters, the update is also introducing a series of adjustments to the abilities of the Frame Grendel and some updates to Yareli, as well as changes to self-damage, augments, and the armor UI indicator that touch all Frames.

The stream also shared a slide that once again summarized other smaller features coming in Lua’s Prey, like new skins, two new tenet weapons, the next part of Nora’s Mix, and some quality-of-life updates. Finally, the stream closed out with a teaser of 2023’s Duviri Paradox update. The full video can be watched after the break, or you can read up the official summary for more.

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