Embers Adrift opens a new zone, adds more ashen monsters, and continues attacking server leaks


The latest patch for Embers Adrift has a bit of everything for players of the old school-style MMORPG, including a new zone, some new quality-of-life updates, more monsters, and continued tech updates for the game’s nearly monthlong server leak problem.

The northeast portion of Redshore now sports a fresh level 33 zone called Redshore Ridge. This area has been deserted by both the folk of Newhaven and the Exiles of Redshore, leaving it open to be claimed by both nature and the aggressive Snatchscale tribe. The zone is open with this update, but map discoveries are currently not available.

The patch has otherwise added a few new things to fight in the form of new ashen monsters and new large roaming monsters out in the world, implemented server-based updates that change active defense priorities and some culling exceptions, and introduced quality-of-life touches – like the ability to link items in chat, a bag indicator UI element to more accurately show where player bags are left in a dungeon or region, and additional gathering materials from a number of existing animals. Speaking of servers, the notes open by confirming that server leaks are still happening, but things have since gotten much more stable, with no crashes since the devs reverted a previous fix.

source: official forums, thanks Yrys and Padre for the tip!
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