PSO2 New Genesis shares closer looks at December’s new region, features, quests, and events


Wednesday, December 7th, heralds the start of a slew of content updates for Phantasy Star Online 2: New Genesis as the Hellfire Vanguard update arrives to the MMO with a new open world region, new quests, and various features and events, all of which were showcased in the latest NGS Headline video.

The video grants an overview of the major content updates that first land on December 7th, such as the Stia region, several new quests, new weapons and augments, and the new skills that will unlock when players make their way to the new level cap of 70. In addition to these major parts of the patch, there will be various smaller quality-of-life updates, a couple of new races, and more side content in the form of new battledia, urgent quests, and trainia areas.

As with other NGS content updates, there will be two more patches that arrive, bringing Christmas-themed events, decorations, AC Scratch Ticket items, and more. These slices of the December update pie will arrive on December 14th and 21st respectively. Fans can get a look at all that’s coming in December in the video below the cut, and there’s also a guided preview of the Stia region available for fans to look over.

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