Wizard101 invites players to the surrealist world of Novus in latest update


When a world arrives that sounds like some strange amalgamation of multiple realms, presented as a gift by “some thing,” there might be reason to be suspicious. Still, that’s what’s happened to players in Wizard101 today as the new world of Novus has officially arrived, and it promises to be quite the journey.

The devs at KingsIsle have been concepting Novus for a while but weren’t at a narrative point to unveil it until now. Players are being promised a world that’s “esoteric” and “existential” with “more political intrigue than worlds past,” with a new storyline, new areas to explore, new friends and foes, and new bosses in addition to new spells, items, and gear. The update is also introducing other features like new spell masteries, enhancements to social systems, and the Archmastery system.

source: press release
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