Wakfu prepares to explore Ereboria on December 6

The island contains potassium benzoate.

We regret to inform you that the next update for Wakfu is arriving on December 6th, and it is, in fact, extremely cursed. It is noteworthy in its degree of cursedness. Players will be exploring Ereboria, a truly cursed island, and that means they’ll just have to deal with some curses. Early reports from the first explorers who set foot on the island report that it’s divided into five areas, and while those reports do not contain a precisely calibrated curse-o-meter reading, you can rest assured that it’s cursed.

Even before dealing with any and all curses, though, players will have immediate problems like the pirates that have taken up residence on the island. Or some terrifying aquatic creatures roaming freely on another part of the island. Add on a burning smell of mysterious origin and some strange little creatures running about and… well, this island is cursed. It’s oozing with curses. So like any good player character would, you can head there on December 6th to get yourself some of this curse juice.

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