Guild Wars 2 kicks off its sixth WvW world restructuring beta today


The long and winding road for WvW beta testing in Guild Wars 2 is taking yet another turn this year as promised. The game’s sixth WvW world restructuring beta is going live today and will operate until December 9th with the next weekly WvW reset.

Players who participate in this beta event will be able to earn achievements and unlock War Machine weapon skins, and the Call of War bonus will also be active during the event. Players only had before midnight last night to select their chosen guild and participate, so that window is now closed.

As alluded to in the lede, this is the final such test for this year, with 2023 expected to enter phase two of testing, which will focus on alliances. This has been a now four year-long project, with ArenaNet first talking about this restructuring in 2018, ending a 2021 test early due to match up issues, then running additional world restructuring tests between November 2021 and now. And it doesn’t look like this testing is ending any time soon.

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