Whatever happened to Masangsoft’s reboot of RaiderZ?


RaiderZ is something of an old and spectral name among the minds of MMORPG veterans and is very possibly unheard of among genre neophytes, so it’s worth providing a little context. This action MMO originally launched to NA players in 2012 until developer MAIET ceased operation, forcing publisher Perfect World Entertainment to shutter the game in 2015. Two years later, Masangsoft announced its intentions to revive and reboot the game, and since then there have been some errant update posts made on Masangsoft’s Facebook page.

It’s that Facebook page that we turn to once more, and it shows the studio’s last update was in May. The reboot’s last post notes a full-scale reworking of the game’s quests, narrative, and map, as well as some improvements to animations and a totally new starting experience. The page has otherwise been completely silent since.

Meanwhile, it would appear that there are a couple of rogue servers of the game floating around out there for those who are nostalgic, curious, or both: RaiderZ Legend and RaiderZ Revolution. With the drought of details from the official reboot of the MMO, these may be the last bastions for fans of this game.

source: Facebook
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