Destiny 2 deep-dives changes to exotics, weapons, perks, and invisibility


One of the constants of Destiny 2 is that nothing ever stays the same, especially when it comes to Bungie’s fiddling with the shooter’s various weapons, perks, and abilities. So it goes once more with upcoming patches and the game’s 19th season, as illustrated in last week’s newsletter.

As the headline notes, the updates being made to the game get into extremely granular detail, offering among other things a look at updated shotgun fire spreads, information about exotic weapon tweaks with graphs to back up the rationale on both the buff and nerf side of things, adjustments to a variety of perks, and a list of weapons that players will get to chase after in Season 19’s next lineup of activities.

Before then, there are a couple of updates that are coming in a December 13th patch, specifically an adjustment to Void Hunter invisibility, which will lower the maximum radar range an invisible player can be found. “Our playtests show this reduction in information availability has a significant impact on how invisible players approach engagements and allows potential targets more chances to get the drop on an invisible aggressor,” the post reasons. “It also offers a way to reposition when they hear the audio cue for invisibility. We’ve found this change has minimal impact on invisibility’s role in PvE.”

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