Dungeons and Dragons Online begins its seventh hardcore league season December 7


The winter season is hard and it makes for hard people who are hardy and hardly bothered by hardship. Now the hardest can harden themselves in the hardcore crucible of Dungeons and Dragons Online’s seventh hardcore league, which is coming to players on December 7th.

This new season is not too dissimilar from ones that the MMORPG has held before, except there are obviously new rewards available for players who hit certain achievements, like a bone devil helmet and armored mount, a unique cloak, a companion, and new death walker’s cosmetics, as well as the usual immortalization in the Hall of Heroes for the top 100 players. In addition, the league will feature a 20% reaper XP boost on the hardcore server.

The league will open on December 7th and wrap up on February 7th, so those who want to test their mettle and prove they’re hard can get ready with details and an FAQ. They will not be hard to read.

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