EverQuest’s Frostfell celebration blasts back into town


Forget Santa — we’re here for EverQuest’s Santug Claugg and his mysterious winter ways. The mythical figure has returned, as the MMO revved back up Frostfell for another run through January 7th.

“You can absolutely feel the holiday spirit from your head to your mistletoes now that Frostfell is coming back! Santug Claugg has certainly missed you so here’s hoping you’ve been nice this year,” Daybreak said.

The action takes place across the game world, where players can thwart the Grinnuch, find missing toymakers, assist Santug Claugg with his list, and open gifts from December 24th through the 26th. There’s also an end-of-year party to cap off the celebration.

To help you navigate this event, the EverQuest wiki organized all of the quests, dates, rewards, and achievements that you can milk (and cookies) out of it.

Source: EverQuest. Thanks Flatline!
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