Fallout 76 goes on tour with Nuka-World this week


Say goodbye to Fallout 76’s 10th season and its Pitt stains, and welcome with open arms the carnival atmosphere of Season 11! The online RPG’s last big update of the year, Nuka-World on Tour, is scheduled to go live on December 6th.

The content update adds the titular traveling roadshow with various games, challenges, and associated rewards. It’ll also introduce a Nuka-World-themed reward track and add a “Free-Cam” mode so that CAMP builders can more easily construct their wasteland homes.

Other December events coming to Fallout 76 include a Free-Cam Challenge, a gold rush and double mutations weekend, a double XP and SCORE weekend, and the Holiday Scorched event. Season 11 is scheduled to run until February 28th, 2023.

Source: Fallout 76
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