Fortnite Season 4 brings an updated map with territory control, dirt bikes, and more guest characters


The new season of Fortnite has officially arrived, and it’s once again tossing as many things into its stew pot as possible in the hopes that there’s some flavor to be had, with new gameplay elements, new weapons, and another gaggle of visitors from various other IPs.

We’ll touch on the gameplay elements first, which primarily focus on an all-new map that features POIs that player squads can take control of for more loot. Once a squad has control of a location, their flag will fly and the locations of chests and opponents will be highlighted, though players are warned that the same goes for opponents as well.

Movement features are another major part of gameplay, with the addition of dirt bikes to buzz around the map on, automatic vaulting of lower obstacles when sprinting, and some aggressive movement options that include rolling at foes inside of a snowball. Finally, there are “reality augments” that apply stacking buffs the longer a player is in a match. Buffs from augments can include things like the ability to redeploy a glider, drive without fuel, or receive different weapons.

On the subject of weapons, there are several new ones for players to look out for including a blade-firing Ex-Caliber Rifle, the Shockwave Hammer, the intense-sounding Thunder Shotgun, and a Twin Mag SMG among them. There is also the promise of returning weapons as well.

Of course, it’s not a Fortnite update unless a random bundle of guests arriving to the battle royale part, and the new season has plenty in the form of the Doom Slayer and Geralt of Rivia, along with several original character skins. Naturally, these are stuffed into the battle pass, with more on the way later as the season progresses.

For all of the details, there’s the landing page linked above, some more detailed patch notes here, and a video heralding the season’s launch below.

source: official site (1, 2)
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