A year after major layoffs, Book of Travels is ‘back to full capacity’ ahead of price hike


Remember a year ago when Book of Travels studio Might and Delight let go almost a third of its dev team following the tepid early access launch of the Kickstarted tiny MMO? Apparently, the team has recovered as is “now back to full capacity” having rehired a “large number of engineering staff” – a situation the team reported on back in October, though it wasn’t clear until today that the studio had actually replaced everyone laid off.

The news comes as M&D releases a digital DLC – but not the content kind. This one is basically a package of art, music, and wallpaper. Players can download it directly through Steam.

The studio has also reiterated its aim to raise the game’s price, which will happen when the game advances from its initial chapter to its prologue content. “The plan is to, with the next big update, raise the price of Book of Travels with $5 as the game has gotten better and more stable and at that time we will also change the subtitle Chapter Zero to Prologue,” M&D says. “So make sure to purchase the game before the price increase if you haven’t.”

Source: Kickstarter, Steam, press release
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